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My love affair with clay started at the age of 10 when I watched a potter work on the wheel.  It wasn’t until college, however, that I took my first pottery class. With a degree in Education from Murray State University, I combined a passion for creating and love of teaching by sharing this craft in studios in Texas, North Carolina and now Ithaca, New York.


Working out of a shared studio with the community clay studio I opened in 2015, I craft handmade functional ceramics for over sixty retail stores nationwide and the online shop you see on this site. These pieces are all hand thrown and glazed in small batches. No two pieces are ever the same. I enjoy a deep connection with my customer base by creating pieces that can be used in their everyday lives.


As a designer, I am committed to creating quality and relevant handmade pottery. As a loyal member of the local business community,  I am proud to be recognized as an employer paying a living wage in Tompkins County, New York.


I come from a long line of craftsmen. My family has crafted monuments from stone since 1881. Creating with clay is my way of carrying that legacy forward.

A Family Legacy of Five Generations

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