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Customer Testimonials

Karrah Kwasnik

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Add Testimonial hereEverything is beyond stunning and perfectly made for function. We LOVE our plates, bowls and mugs :) Also, I have never seen pottery so well packed!

Daniel Jackson

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Add Testimonial hereWhen it comes to mugs and all the wonderful things one might imagine to place therein, I value craftsmanship, durability, composition and functionality. I am happy to say my purchase was a score on each. I will be back.

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Vanessa O'Mara

Baltimore, MD

"I simply adore this pottery! Highly recommended. Love the natural motifs. Just super great work!"

Prarthna Vasudevan

Washington, D.C.


"Loved Loved Loved this gorgeous mug. I got this for a friend who is a coffealcoholic and this is her fave color. Thank you Julia for putting your heart & soul into making this special mug. Hope to be ordering more."

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