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Julia E. Dean - Featured Etsy Store, Excellent Website!
January 13, 2015

Julia Dean, a local ceramist, e-mailed me a link to the Etsy Blog where she is a Featured Shop.  That can't be easy to get! is a great website. If you are an artist, this is a great example. Beautiful (simple) design, easy shopping, great photography, youtube video, good use of social media... It's all there.




Featured Shop: JULIA e. DEAN
January 12, 2015

My name is Julia E. Dean, and I’m a wife, mother, designer and potter enjoying life and creative community in Ithaca, New York. My husband and I moved from North Carolina to upstate New York in 2007. The natural beauty and warm, intentional spirit of the people here simply wouldn’t let us go after we visited the area. We had a strange and difficult 12 months following that trip...




JULIA e. DEAN Mug #HolidayGiftGuide
December 24, 2014

For me at night a nice cup of hot cocoa before I go to bed is what i love the most , when I saw  the  Julia E. Dean’s mug I knew that was the one for me. Everyone has their own cups and I needed one I have special ones but I don’t use them. My kids gave them to me and I don’t want to accidentally break them. 




For the Love of Food! It's the Foodie Gift Guide
December 5, 2014

So far, our gift guides have covered ideas for ladies, kids, the outdoor-lover and the traveler. Today we tackle gifts for the foodie in your life. Bon appetit!




5 Holiday Gifts for Moms Night In
November 19, 2014


 Julia E. Dean’s Handmade Mugs – Handmade mugs that can be personalized just for mom. These mugs are made with natural materials and hand stamped with leaves and shells that Julia and her family have found on their travels....


Love Handmade: Christmas Gift Guide – For Her
November 23, 2014

Last time round, I hunted for handmade gifts for the men in your life – now it’s time to share some of the great handmade goodies I love on Etsy for us girls… well okay I can’t deny that most of these are just products that I love! Maybe you will too 


November 19, 2014


Coffee, for me, is something very special. It reminds me of great conversation and deeply cherished moments with loved ones. For this reason, setting up to have guests over for coffee is almost ritual-like. I’m always collecting mugs, tea cups, and tableware in general. I look for special pieces that I know my guest will like.Every piece must be like a piece of art, pleasing to the eye...


2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Mom!

November 3, 2014


Moms can be one of the hardest people to shop for during the holidays. As moms we do a lot and are often just happy knowing we  have a healthy, happy family. Even though mom may say she doesn’t need anything, it’s still a wonderful thought to get mom something she will love, something that she can enjoy after a hard days work or something that shows mom just how much she is loved.We’ve narrowed down a few ideas on what you can get mom this year for the holidays... 


Beautiful Handmade Couples Gifts and more!

October 29 , 2014


Julia E. Dean has been creating quality, stylish and functional pottery since 1998.  Her work is absolutely stunning!  As soon as I saw these Beachcomber mugs, I fell in love. These mugs are gorgeous and would be the perfect gift for a couple.  Any holiday weddings out there?  The rustic sea shell design is so simple and just lovely!   Julia E. Dean also has a woodland-themed line with leaves and such stamped onto these pretty mugs.  I love the natural look and feel she imparts upon her handmade pieces of art! Check out the gorgeous blue interiors...


A Proposal Made Possible by Julia e. Dean

October 13 , 2014


It was a Saturday morning and Thomas offered to make me coffee when we woke up. This was strange because he never makes me coffee. I was sitting in the living room and Thomas joined me. He said, "I have a surprise for you, I got you a new mug." This was a handmade Julia E. Dean ceramic mug from her "Woodland Collection." He held it up so I could see the pretty leaf detailing, which I thought was gorgeous because I love trees and nature. He walked over and placed the mug down in front of me...

13 Mugs that will Make Your Morning Better

September 26 , 2014


Are you a coffee drinker? How about tea?

Turns out, enjoying a fresh cup out of your favorite mug may do more than give you a caffeine kick. According to a study published in Science Magazine, touching certain objects can actually make you more socially aware and productive in the morning. That’s right – it’s not just the type of coffee you’re drinking, but what you’re drinking it out of that can make or break your morning. Need a new mug? Here are 13 coffee mugs that can start your day off right

Trohv Home & Gift: Julia eDean
September 23, 2014


The Autumnal Equinox occurred last night at 10:29, making today the first day of fall. Just in time, we have a fresh stock of leaf-imprinted mugs from Julia E Dean—so as your coffee switches from iced to hot, you’ll have the perfect vessel! Hailing from a five-generation line of craftspeople, Julia has been making functional clay artwork since 1998. Her products truly have a personal touch: not only does she hand-make each piece of pottery, but each unique item is imprinted with leaves or shells collected by her family. Along with the 16 oz. mugs....

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